Meet Natasa Pouli

Born and raised in Athens, Natasa Pouli majored interior design and due to her artistic nature became a student of Kostas Spiriounis, a Greek Painter. He, himself is a student of the Yannis Tsarouchis, founder of Tsarouchis Institution and one of the greatest Greek painters. With such an impressive background Natasa is no stranger to the fine arts and hard work.

After years of working in interior design and furniture design for large Greek brands Natasa now has a closed clientele list. Nowadays she selectively works on projects like interior decorations, custom made pendants, decorative light fixtures, wall art and paintings. She specializes in using mirror, wood, silver and gold to create different tactile patterns within her work. Natasa’s Roman hand paintings are not only popular among her Greek customers but gaining increased popularity amongst her American clientele across the United States.

At Pelagia Villas are honored to have Natasa’s works, custom made to fit the atmosphere and charm of the villas.

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